Friday, 6 March 2015

Storing your Will online with My Online Vault

The newly launched website MY ONLINE VAULT, is an online platform which securely stores all your personal and important documents in just one place. My Online Vault is a protected, secure and interactive document management service which allows you to upload and store any document you wish in your very own online vault.

My Online Vault offers a wide range of features which makes it unique in its market. Both our living and end of life vault enable you to easily upload your valuable documents for keep safe, ensuring that they are always protected and secure. Your vault can be accessed from all over the world 24/7 via your iPad, iPhone, computer and any other internet enabled device. As well as storing your personal documents, My Online Vault also features additional services such as debt recovery, online documents and legal cover and more.

My Online Vault is a great place to store critical documents such as your Will. Don't have a Will? With every new account, they offer a FREE WILL. My Online Vault features two types of vaults, the Living Vault and the End of Life Vault. Our Living Vault allows you to effectively store and manage various types of documents such as birth certificates, divorce papers, wills, financial statements, tax bills and more. Our End of Life Vault has been designed to store critical documents such as Wills, funeral plans, life insurance details and much more, so that everything is covered.

In addition to this, our online document service allows you to set up any legal documents which you may be missing or you may require for the future.

My Online Vault is a fully protective, secure and interactive document management service which allows you to store and manage all your essential and critical documents online. Our vaults contain the tightest online security which requires both passwords and security questions for easy access. Your documents can be reached from anywhere across world 24/7 for added convenience and accessibility.

My Online Vault is your solution to storing invaluable documents such as Wills, deeds, plans, bills, photos and much more at just a click of a button.

At My Online Vault, our affiliates ensure that we cover all your needs from legal documents to legal cover. These additional services are all linked to our partners MTA Solicitors, a nationwide law practice which offers both expert and affordable legal services.

To find out more or to register for a vault account simply click here.

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