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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Claiming for Personal Injury?

You want to make a Personal Injury claim but do you know how much compensation you can claim for?  Defining how much a claim is worth is not easy, especially when loss of earnings, medical expenses or treatment costs becomes involved.

A Personal Injury Claim and the amount of compensation you’re entitled to claim for can be affected by several factors but it will mainly be based on the type and severity of the injury you have suffered.  Without speaking with an experienced Personal Injury Solicitor, calculating how much your Personal Injury Compensation Claim is worth can prove difficult. Mainly your claim will be based on proven medical or reports or treatment history but what about other factors?

An experienced Solicitor will be able to help you collate all the correct insurance and medical documents required for your claim but if you have suffered a Personal Injury as a result of an accident that was not your fault, you should consider keeping a Personal Injury Diary.

As well as noting down the time and place of your accident, along with names and contact details of witnesses if possible – which will help your claim to be processed much easier -   keep a record in your own words of the pain and suffering you are experiencing and how this is effecting you emotionally as well as physically.  Record any loss of earnings or capacity of earning or any wage loss information along with a record of any doctors, hospital or other healthcare visits, detailing dates, advice or prescribed medical treatment.

Your Medical report will show a prognosis period which will outline how your injuries are likely to affect you in the future and a time frame for how for long you are going to be affected by the injury you have sustained.  It is unlikely that a Solicitor will advise you to settle a compensation claim until a full recovery is made from your injuries or you have a firm medical diagnosis detailing the prognosis period. Settling a claim before making a full recovery or having a solid prognosis period in place would prevent you from applying for further compensation should your injuries and recovery period persist for longer than expected.  The examination report prepared by a medical expert will be used by your Solicitor to calculate how much your compensation claim may be worth by comparing your injuries to Claimants in previously settled cases who have suffered similar injuries and recovery time to your own which is known as Case Law.

It is worth noting that in most cases there is a standard limit of three years in which to bring a Personal Injury Compensation Claim in the United Kingdom. This three year deadline will start from the date that you were aware your injury was linked to the original accident or exposure and whichever is latest. It is not uncommon for the date of knowledge to be much later than the accident date. If you are in any doubt regarding your chances to make a claim for personal injury you should seek accurate claim advice from an experienced legal advisor who will quickly be able to determine the strength of your claim and offer advice regarding seeking compensation for your injuries.

How can Personal Injury Solicitors at MTA make it simpler to claim compensation?

Here, at MTA our Personal Injury Solicitors are focused on making your claim process as straightforward as possible. Our Solicitors will do most of the paperwork for you and will keep you updated every step of the way. We realise that waiting for a response can be frustrating, but with our unique client focused way of handling claims, we can make the process of claiming compensation as simple and as stress-free as possible.

Chasing for responses, keeping you in the loop and getting you the compensation you deserve. To speak to one of our qualified MTA solicitors contact us on 020 8437 0707

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Whiplash Injuries and Compensation

Marco Severini, litigation team manager at MTA Solicitors LLP discusses the recent ‘bad press’ for Whiplash Compensation Claims and the cost of insurance premiums.

whiplash compensation claims and insurance premiums
The press have been attacking victims of whiplash claims stating most are false and inflate the cost of insurance premiums.
Whiplash injuries can for some be very excruciating and unbearable and sometimes long term. The victim has a right to pursue the negligence of another party; however the issues solicitor’s face, which insurers deny, is that they can be their worst enemies and pass the blame for increasing personal injury claims to solicitors who are simply attempting to obtain justice to injured parties of negligence. In actual fact insurance companies vigorously support personal injury claims themselves, despite genuine or not.
Firstly, the majority of insurers will ask their policy holder whether or not they are injured when the matter is reported to them. If they are the insurance company will refer them to one of their panel solicitors to act on their behalf regarding a personal injury claim. The panel solicitors will pay the insurer a referral fee for the introduction of the personal injury claim. Secondly, insurers will sometimes make offers to victims prior to anyone having been notified of the injury or contemplated making a claim (known as pre medical offers). How can the insurance industry have complaints about personal injury claims when the encourage individuals to make a claim and essentially profit     from it.
I do not dispute some people do make fraudulent claims but the Government and the insurance industry must not tarnish each claimant with the same brush. Whiplash is a real injury and should not be played down.

What is Whiplash Injury?

Whiplash is the injury that occurs when the soft tissue in the spine is stretched and strained after the body is thrown in a sudden, forceful jerk, and is most commonly caused by involvement in a car accident involving sudden deceleration or heavy breaking, but can also be caused by other strenuous physical activities or from a blow to the head.
If you have been in a car accident that was not your fault and you think you have suffered a Whiplash injury you should contact a Solicitor who will assess your situation and apply the correct course of action depending on your circumstances. You may be required to have an assessment from a medical professional who will most likely examine the function of the spinal cord in order to determine if any damage is present.
The following areas are likely to be assessed:

  • Your physical strength in both arms and legs
  • Your ability to sense touch on the skin in different parts of the body
  • Your Reflex at the joints of the arms and legs
  • The medical examiner will also inspect the head and neck for any external signs of trauma including bruises, cuts, and abrasions
  • You may be asked to move your neck in a controlled way to the left, right, up, and down. Tell the doctor if neck pain, numbness, or tingling in any of the arms or legs, or any other abnormal feelings during these movements is felt
  • X-rays may be taken of the neck bones to make sure there are no fractures or signs of other serious injury. The doctor will review these x-rays and order further imaging with a CT scan or MRI if needed.

Marco Severini is a litigation manager at MTA Solicitors LLP who have a team of specialist Personal Injury Solicitors, experienced in dealing with compensation claims for injuries that result from car accidents and other long term, repetitive activities that can cause damage to the head and neck.

Experienced Personal Injury Solicitors are on hand to guide you through the right course of action and provide straightforward, clear-cut legal advice and assistance.
MTA Solicitors will work with you and guide you through the right course of action in pursuing your Whiplash Claim.

In all cases the initial advice is completely free and, of course, strictly confidential.
MTA Solicitors can pursue your injury compensation claim on a no win no fee basis, they will assess your situation and apply the correct course of action, tailored to suit your needs.