Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cancelled flights and delays...what can i do?

So, the holiday season is over and hopefully we have all had problem free journeys to some exciting destinations. However, if things haven't gone quite according to plan, did you know you can now claim on a cancelled or delayed flight or for being bumped off a flight?

Compensation for cancelled or delayed flights is dependent on the reason for the cancellation or delay. If the airline can prove that either was caused by ‘extraordinary circumstances’, then no compensation is payable.

Extraordinary circumstances are situations beyond the control of the airline, for example, security risk, political instability or severe weather that makes flying dangerous. Strikes can also be included in this category.

Technical issues can be 'extraordinary circumstances' but not where the situation should have been picked up by routine maintenance.

It's worth challenging your airline if you don't agree that there were extraordinary circumstances, for example if you are told you can't fly due to weather conditions, but other flights are departing. Airlines sometimes stretch the definition of extraordinary circumstances further than they should.

If you still feel aggrieved by the airline, then you should write to the airline setting out your cancellation situation.

If this doesn’t get you any compensation you can take the complaint further by writing to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or the European Consumer Centre (ECC) and then if all else fails to the small claims court.

If you need assistance with drafting these letters or if you have hit a brick wall and need help taking your claim further, our claims experts at the LawStore can help.

For as little as £30, we can draft an initial letter so you can claim up to £500.

For more information call us on 0845 603 6544 or email info@thelaw-store.co.uk

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