Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New Family Law Solicitor Service at The LawStore

Emma Peart is a Solicitor who specialises in Family Law and Litigation. She runs a 'drop-in' Family Legal Clinic everyday at The Law Store, in The Glades in Bromley. As well as divorce Emma can also help with co-habitation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements along with a range of other family law issues. No appointment is needed. The LawStore is run by MTA Solicitors LLP, and is a new way to receive legal advice and services.

family law solicitor emma peart the law store mta solicitors llp
Emma Peart - Solicitor Law Store
Issues of a family nature can be extremely stressful. LawStore aim to assist in many areas and to make the process of resolving family issues as straightforward and pressure free to clients as possible.

Family Law Solicitor, Emma Peart explains how she can offer assistance in the following:

  • Cohabitation and Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Advice as to how you may best protect your assets prior to cohabiting or entering into a marriage or civil partnership in case the relationship breaks down. We can fully advise on and draft cohabitation and pre-nuptial agreements which can assist preventing a former partner’s entitlement to your assets should the relationship break down.
  • Ending a marriage or civil partnership: We can assist in formally ending a marriage through completing the relevant application for a divorce/civil marriage dissolution to the relevant court, or assisting you to complete the relevant documentation to agree to or contest an application to end the marriage by your partner. In the case of a divorce, we therefore could assist you in completing the relevant documentation from the initial divorce petition to decree nisi and decree absolute.
  • Residence/contact issues for children: During the breakdown of a marriage/civil partnership contact and residence of any children will have to be dealt with. We can assist in completing the relevant documentation to resolve such issues. Should you and your ex-spouse be in agreement in relation to residence and contact of the children, this can be a simple case of completing a statement of arrangements for the children form and filing this in the divorce proceedings. Should you not be in agreement with the arrangements for the children, we can assist in helping you to mediate and reach an agreement that you and your ex are happy with. Should the issue be one of dispute at this stage, we can then assist with any necessary court proceedings to determine residence and contact.
  • Financial Issues after a separation: When couples separate, whether ending a marriage, civil partnership or simply a co-habitation, there are normally property and financial issues to consider. We are able to advise in all aspects in this area. We can assist in negotiating a settlement and making the agreement binding by way of a consent order. Failing this, we can assist in financial settlement proceedings at Court. This will include complying with the courts timetable in relation to the exchange and examination of each party’s assets by way of Form E and questionnaires and representation and the First Appointment and Final Directions Hearing to secure a court order regarding the distribution of finances should you and your ex-partner not be able to reach an agreement.

Changing of your name or your child’s name

We can assist in the procedure for changing you or your child’s name legally. This will involve creating a legal document to officially change the name, and normally separate documentation for the passport agency. We can also help advise in whether the other parent will need to give consent.

Non-molestation orders

We can assist in gaining protection for a person who is facing the threat of violence. We can assess if there is enough justification to make an application to the court for an order that a person is not allowed to be within a certain distance of you or your home if you are in fear that they will be violent to you or they will threaten or intimidate you. Normally this will be in relation to an ex-partner or family member. Should you be successful, you will obtain an order directing that a person is not entitled to be within a certain distance of you your residence, and must not threaten violence or intimidate or harass you for a specific time period of normally about 2 years, after which time you would have to seek to renew the order.

Protection against a forced marriage

In some religions it is seen as customary for an arranged marriage to take place. Should a child or adult be in a position that they are being forced into a marriage, and it is against their will or they are not seen as having the legal age of consent, then we can assist in gaining protection for them by way of a court order to prevent the marriage and them being removed from the country for the marriage to take place if necessary.

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